The Different Types of Drones

Different types of drones are currently in use. The differences may come in their technical specifications and applications and you can get in depth reviews here. As much as the drone technology is evolving, the main aspects like propulsion and autonomy will always be relevant even in the next generation of drones. The technology that is used to keep the drone flying determines the type of drones. Below are some of the different types of drones that are currently available in the market.


view These are the most popular drones, and professionals and hobbyists use them. Their common applications vary, but they include aerial photography and video surveillance among others. If you need to get a small camera in the air for a short time, multi-rotors are ideal. This is because you will have a lot of control of the positioning and framing the camera. This will help you to get the best aerial shot. In addition to these benefits, the financial barriers are low because the drones are relatively cheap. Multi-rotors are the cheapest to manufacture, and they are economical to fly.

Fixed Wing

Fixed wing drones use the same type of principles that airplanes use to generate lift using wings instead of a vertical thrust generating rotors. They are useful because they can cover longer distances and larger geographical areas. They can also keep proximity in the areas of interest. The fixed wing drones use gasoline powered engines. Because of the density of the fuel they use, they can stay in the air for up to 15 hours. Their downside is that they can’t loiter over a point of interest. Therefore, they cant aerial photos and videos.

Single Rotor Helicopter

dronesUnlike a multi-rotor that uses many rotors to generate vertical, a single rotor uses a single one. It also has a tail rotor to that is used to control the heading. This type is common in manned aviation even though they are rarely used in the drone community. The good thing about these drones is that they generate thrust better than the multi-rotors. Their gasoline engines also enable longer flight times. Their drawback is that they have a lot of complexities, they are too costly, and their large spinning blades can be dangerous.

Fixed Wing Hybrids

Some hybrid drone concepts are just fixed wing designs that have a vertical lift motor. Other categories are being developed, and the main aim is improving the performance of the existing ones. Currently, there are a few in the market.