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Factors to Consider When Choosing a Receipt Scanner OCR

Receipts need to be well-kept. They are not only necessary when making financial reports for business inventory but also required while on business trips sponsored by the company. Saving and processing some receipts might be tricky considering that you have to store them safely and sort them. It is at this point where a Tab Scanner receipt OCR comes into the picture. This software can sort, scan, and process a large pile of receipts.

receipts to be scanned

That said, if you are yet to incorporate this technology into your business, you should consider having it soon. Unfortunately, since this technology is relatively new, it might be difficult to choose a software that is fit for your purpose. That said, this write-up looks at some features to look for before choosing an OCR receipt scanner.


The first thing to look at when choosing this software is the value it adds to your business operations. In this case, only go for a software that will improve your operations. In this regard, a suitable software should have a decent interphase, and it should also allow you to scan, store and sort your receipts. This should be an important consideration for organizations that handle a significant amount of transactions.

Data access

Receipts ought to be kept in a safe place after buying a product or service. Having the receipt without instantaneous access to it poses an operational challenge. Thus, data access should be a primary concern when choosing this scanning software. The software of choice should provide you or employees with instant proof of purchase.

Security features

You also need to look at the security features of receipt scanning software. Financial records are often accorded some confidentiality. As such, only go for a receipt scanning software with adequate space and top-notch security protocols. This way, you are assured that private financial information remains private. With the best receipt scanning OCR, consumers have nothing to worry.

Flexible recognition

long receiptAll receipts are unique in their way. As such, it is common to have a software that selectively scans receipts. If a software is not able to get each important detail, your records will be nothing to go by. Thus, only go for a software that allows you to recognize every expenditure line to ensure that every detail is captured in your reports.

As you can see, choosing a particular receipt scanning OCR software should be an informed decision. You need to do due diligence on your part to get the right software.…

Things to Know Before Buying a Camera

Cameras are all over. If you want one now, you could have it in the next minute. However, it is not so easy to buy a camera. There are things to know before buying a camera. It is not something you will just walk into a shop and pick any. So, what things must you know before you can buy the best camera for your needs?

Compatibility of lens

One of the crucial things you should get right from the start is your camera lens. You do not want to buy something that will not be giving you desirable results in the kind of photography you will be doing. Get to know the kind of features that come with the lens you want in your camera.Camera buying tips

Megapixel power

It is possible that you have a camera that can handle 20-megapixel photos without any trouble. Your computer storage would still be able to handle all the photos. However, when you want to graduate from a 20 megapixel to 40-megapixel camera, you should think about your computer horsepower. Remember you will be doubling the size of your photos with the new camera. You need to be sure that your computer can handle the double work you will be throwing at it.

Lens resolution

You cannot buy the kind of camera you need if you are not sure of the kind of resolution you need. How clear do you want your photos? Of course, no one wants blurred images even if they are not for any specific purpose. Lens resolution is going to be at the center of the choice you make. It will boil down to megapixels. The higher the resolution you want, the more megapixels you should go for.

Problem you want to solve with the camera

camera guideThis is an important question you will have to ask before you decide to buy a new camera. It will be the basis of the decision you end up making. Are you trying your hand in photography and this is your first camera? There are plenty of choices for beginners, as you will come to see.

Are you looking for something that comes with body stabilization? If yes then there are pretty many choices for you to pick from. For others, it would be something portable for their kind of photography they do. Once you know the kind of photography problem you want to solve with your camera, it becomes pretty easy to make an informed choice.

Video option

It is not until recently that video was introduced into still cameras. Well, this one good thing to ever happen in the photography world. However, you have to be careful with the choice you make. The video option, in some cameras, is going to impact on the quality of still photos negatively. Sometimes it is best if you do not have the video capability in the kind of camera you end up buying. But if you have to, you should be careful with what you choose, or else you end up in regret.…

Ways to Speed up Your Android Phone

Android phones continue being capable of extreme computing performance, but after a while, they can tire and feel sluggish. When you are getting such experiences with your phone, fret no longer, because this guide will show you ways to speed up your android phone. You can apply these tips immediately or wait until you have a backup of your important data. The essential thing is to follow the specific trip in the described way for you to get the appropriate results.

Reduce background apps

making android fasterMost phones today allow you to multi-task. You can have several things going on and still take phone calls or write messages. You could even be voice conferencing with other persons while your favorite chat application runs in the background. However, after a while, these apps become too much for the phone’s processing power. The problem mostly affects people who have less capable phones. However, even those with super smartphones like the latest flagships can still benefit from this trick.

Install lite versions of apps

Apps continue being bulky because they are taking advantage of new capabilities of your phone. Most app developers design an app as though it will be the only one used on your phone. However, you can bypass the short-sightedness of the developers by taking the lite version of the same app when it is available. These apps are for low-end devices, but they still give you all the basic functionalities minus the processor strain of their bigger counterparts. Look for specific light apps on the play store and then uninstall the previously loaded bulky apps for the same services such as Facebook.

Remove system apps

Some phones come with a lot of bloatware. They are apps that are already on the phone when you buy it but may not be of any use to you since you already rely on their alternatives. Therefore, you can safely remove them so that they do not consistently run in the background. You will not lose any data.

Disable apps that always run in the background

Although some apps are critical to an android’s phone functionality, they are not always advisable for use by people who want the greatest functionality from their phone. You can disable the background apps responsible for services that you are not using daily. You could enable them temporarily when you need them and then disable them again. Such services include the voice assistant that runs in the background and takes a large part of the available RAM.

Clear cache

You can also get a tweaking tool for your phone to clear the cache periodically to offer enough room for running multiple apps at the same time. Be cautious with any app claiming to clean your phone since most of them continue to run in the background and beat the purpose of cleaning the phone. However, you can use them to clear the cache and then uninstall these apps so that you get more free space and a reduction in the number of background running apps.…